Monday, May 31, 2010

Love in a Package

I'm so grateful for a friend who arranged to have someone bring a package with her to Uganda for Joseph.  My mom was so nice and made a scrapbook of all the Benson relatives so that Joseph could get to know all of the Benson side of the family.  I think there are about 32 of us so he has a lot to learn.  He will have 13 more on Shawn's side!  That's a lot of people.  I'm also tucking in some vitamins................I am a mom!  Benson sent a couple of books............Notice anything interesting about our family picture???? Thanks to my dad for his photo shop skills!


The Cuckoo's Nest said...

That is so sweet of your parents! What a great family you have! Can't wait to see that boy again!~Kirsten

Iva said...

Hi Suz, I finally had a chance to read this blog.

I can't finish it today, I can see the letters through my tears. I know exacly how you feel - all your thoughts in every second of the day are there with Joseph. This is how our adopted kids are born with our hearts, not many people can feel that and you are lucky to have to experience this kind of love! I know it is a frustrating time and we pray that our nephew will be home soon. I'm so excited and he is one lucky boy to have you and your family!
Somewhere I read that adoption connects people who are meant to share their lives and just from reading this blog I know that you are Joseph's mother!