Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Letter From Joseph’s Former Music Teacher to a Proud Mama……………….

How are you now Madam Suzy?  I think you are fine, for the case of me
I am alright here in St.Johnson. Thank you for the good things you do
for student Joseph, in fact Suzy you deserve a Godly blessing because
the boy was badly off with no body to take care and I was worried of
his secondary education after primary.

I am happy to see that he has joined one of the best high schools in
Uganda. Thank you very much because Joseph has been my best
disciplined student.

I wish you a nice stay and we miss you in St.Johnson much.

Godfrey Teacher St. Johnson

(Joseph is now in a boarding school for secondary students, I had no idea it was one of the “best” schools in Uganda)!

The Paperwork Pregnancy Has Begun!

I had a friend recently describe the Ugandan adoption process as a paperwork pregnancy!  Boy is it ever.   We have not announced what we are doing yet so many friends may not understand why on top of my normal “busy” life, I am now even busier!  I have managed to get our fingerprints done and sent off to West Virginia…………….it was no easy process!  Shawn and I are almost done with our 28 page (each) autobiography, and our 4 reference letters should be done and mailed to the agency this week.  We were not able to talk to Joseph today as he is now in boarding school.  It is going to be very rough not speaking to him as we have done this every Sunday for the past nine months! 


Joseph trying Ice-Cream for the first time!