Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crazy!!! Please Send Prayers

We have been on vacation for the last week and were in Idaho about ready to head into Yellowstone.  Our attorney had mentioned that she might be able to get us a court date this week, but honestly I thought that would be a long shot.  Regardless, I took my passport and Malaria pills with me.  Monday about 9AM Shawn ran into our room and woke me up.  He said, "Get up now and call the attorney, she can get us a court date but you have to be in Uganda by Wed".  Usually a trip to Uganda takes about 25-40 hours via plane.  I thought for a brief second, "Could I even make it by Wed" ?  I started looking at fares online and since we were in Idaho I would have to find something leaving from the tiny airport in Idaho Falls.  The fares were about 7grand!  Ouch!  Regardless, we called the lawyer and told her I would be there.  I then remembered the Golden Rule travel agency and did a quick search on them.  After finally piecing together a much cheaper itinerary I had about 45 minutes to pack, shower, get to the bank and be to the airport.  It was seriously insane.  Meantime, Peanut was a little freaked out as I was running around the house (my brother's home) trying to throw things in the suitcase.  Luckily I had brought my passport with me!  I had no driver, lodging or anything arranged and Shawn is working on that for me.  I now sit in the London airport on a 9 hour layover.  My eyes are heavy and I'm already tired, but I feel like this is a miracle and I'm rejoicing in it.  Today so many strangers have done things for me that have eased my mind and burden.  I even got moved on the flight and had 3 seats to myself so I was able to lay down the whole way!  I am still waiting to get an e-mail from Shawn verifying that we still have a court appointment.  I am trusting that God is orchestrating this beautiful symphony.  I am so weary.  This journey has brought me to my knees so many times and I'm praying that this part ends soon.  If all goes well, we will have a hearing quickly and Shawn will then have to fly back and go to the embassy for the visa.  We filled out a paper putting him as the Petitioner which means I cannot go to the appointment, he has to.  He is excited to get back to Uganda, so, I don't think he'll mind.  Please pray for us on this journey!  *****BIG UPDATE*****  I was writing this post while in the airport.  I didn't want to post anything on Facebook or blog until I was safe in Uganda with a secured hearing.  Shawn just chatted me and said I do have a hearing at 9AM.  I arrived at 7:45AM.  I will have to leave my bag and pray for a miracle to bless us to get there in time.  I will be coming off of 40 hours of travel and racing to get there.  I will have never met the grandmother who is giving me her grandson to raise until court.  I am so scared.  Please send out as many prayers as you can muster!  If you know where court is located, try to get ahold of Shawn, he is trying to tell the driver who is picking me up so he can get me to the right place.  This is insanity.  Blessed insanity!