Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful Day

Elder Magero and Joseph................
I have a limited time on net (so, so slow too) but wanted to give a quick update.  Had the most beautiful day with Joseph yesterday.  I amazed at how much Joseph and I have to learn about each other.  I pumped him so full of information that I think his head was about to burst.  Funny thing, our last name, Gillies is prounounced Gillis.  Joseph calls himself Joseph Gills.  I had to break him of that, so we practice saying his last name and it was so funny because it's difficult for him to pronounce.  I told him that I wouldn't stand for a son whose last name sounded like a fish!  We are having so much fun getting to know each other and are able to have deep conversations without others around and it's absolutely beautiful.  Also invited Alex ( from 2009 trip) better  known as missionary Alex to dinner.  He stuffed himself full.  He has lost so much weight as he is struggling to hard to get his secondary education ( he is 27 years old) and cannot afford much food.  He is all alone and so lonely.  His dream is to have an Ipod fills with church music so he can listen to music like he did on his mission.  He is so faithful and I adore him.  Off to medical appts, visa photos and much more today, then Joseph has to leave.  So sad.  Also got him 4 shirts and one pair of socks along with 2 shorts.  He barely has anything to wear as so much has been stolen.  He is my son!  This I know and I am so excited to share him with everyone!