Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reichert and Lincoln…….hmmm?

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What does the word representative mean?  Well, I think I found out!  Dave Reichert, our representative has come to the rescue, well maybe not quite, but, his assistant Lincoln (what a patriotic name) has!  This week, Lincoln has managed to talk to the director of our local USCIS office in Yakima and they are willing to help us with our immigration forms, that is, when they receive them, they are willing to help process our form quickly.  This is amazing news.  Lincoln is my knight in shining armor.  He is truly representing the needs of Reichert’s constituents.  You see, based on Joseph’s age, we must get him here quickly or he will “age” out and become ineligible for adoption.  Our hope is to get him here before summer as Ugandan courts close in the summer and if we don’t get him here, it may never happen.  Also, dear old (I actually think he is young) Lincoln was able to help us with our FBI fingerprints.  Washington law states that couples must get clearance from the FBI.  On the FBI website it states that fingerprints generally take about 10 weeks, time that we don’t have.  So, good old Lincoln called the Seattle FBI and went into detail about our situation.  It seems that the agent he spoke with has a sister who is adopting in Uganda and although he initially thought he wouldn’t be able to help, he has now agreed to work on helping us.  Imagine that!