Friday, July 23, 2010

Discouraging Day

Today was our court ruling appointment.  Unfortunately the judge would meet with us and told us to come back on Monday.  I am hoping to be able to get Joseph here with me this weekend and the school said I can keep him until Monday night.  So, if we get a positive ruling then I will keep him forever~


So happy I found a new friend!  Yesterday while in the "mall" I saw a group of girls I recognized from the babies home near my guesthouse.  I met a new friend who is here setting up things for her new adoption agency and we hit it off.  She was completely alone and having some trouble so we connected and she is now staying at the guesthouse with me.  She has a wonderful little netbook and I've been able to use WiFi for about an hour and catch up on so much!  I'm so grateful.  Anyway, Monday, we went to do medicals for Joseph.  The embassy is now requiring you to go to IOM.  It was quite the day.  Super long and full of blunders.  Joseph and I are now expert Boda riders, something I swore I would never do!  Hiring a driver is so expensive so we have to ride Boda's once in awhile.
I have been so busy trying to do as much as I can  to stay busy.  I've spent time working in babies homes and orphanages.  Mentally it's been a challenge, but I want to serve as much as I can while I"m here.