Sunday, April 18, 2010


One thing I've learned to do this year is stay awake late so that I can call Uganda when people are actually awake!  I waited up to night to call our attorney, P and I struck gold.  He answered his phone and I actually got some answers.  Without going into details, there are a few things that are frustrating but I have to  let them be.  I will just chalk it up to Uganda "time".  But, Hilda, my trusted friend and helper in this is going to meet with P today and he is asking for her help to do a few things.  He said once those are done he will then file the petition.  If she can do it quickly, the application will be filed this week and Shawn will most likely travel beginning/mid May.  Nothing in Uganda is done quickly, so, trying not to get my hopes up.  On a lighter note, talked to Joseph today.  He went back to Mama Dorothy's for a few days as school let out for holiday.  He was very "sad" as again, his belongings were stolen.  Most important on the list was his Ipod.  My dear friend "Aunt" Suzanne left her Ipod with him and he loves it. He couldn't take it to school so it was left with Mama Dorothy for safe keeping.  Shawn sent a message to the boy who stole it and let him know he was coming in a few weeks and he expected it to be returned immediately.  We'll see.  This is the same boy that steals everything we give Joseph.  He is quite a bit older and has turned out to be quite the little swindler.  I try not to be mad at him as he has had a very hard life and I do care for him................anyway, Shawn and Joseph will be searching for Fiona and Jeffrey his younger siblings when they go.   Right now, we don't know where they are.  We feel a heavy sense of responsiblity to help them..........................don't you just love that name? Fiona?  I bet she's a doll!

June 2009 Looking Back…………….

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Saying Good-bye……….June 2009, Yes, I’m Crying!