Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a Great Day!

Looking "Smart"

Sweet Friend Sarah, Doing The Wash

The Clean Wash........Laying to Dry on The Ground

Some of the Adorable Kidlets From Shalom

Abdulah, Singing His Original Song
Sheesh!  After 1 1/2 of trying to get to blogger I finally did!  I am starting to feel normal again and am doing much better.  Re-cap of yesterday!  In the AM I went to St. Mary's Kitende School to watch Joseph play in a football game.  He is the captain and looked so "smart" in his uniform.  His school is the nicest school I've ever seen in Uganda.  They even had a small soccer stadium with a real grass field!  When we put him in boarding school we had no idea how nice it was!  I was such a proud mom watching him on the field.  Before the game he looked up at me and we gave each other the thumbs up sign.  I'm sure he felt proud to have someone there to watch him.  That was first for him!  After the game his team played in the semi-finals and won and then won the whole tournament.  I didn't stay for the other two games as Hilda needed to get moving.  After that we went to a place called Shalom.  It's a center for children who used to live on the street, often referred to as "street children".  I have a really hard time using that term as I don't see these kids as throw aways and so I've decided to refer to them as "homeless" as they are so much more that street kids.  While there I met the most amazing young man ever.  His name is Abdulah

This morning Joseph is coming to the guest house and gets to stay overnight.  We are going to church and then I'm hoping to get him a few clothes so he has something to where on the way home.  Most of what we've given him (if not all) has been stolen.  Tomorrow we are headed to the doctor and he will have his medical tests done for his visa.  I cannot wait to spend the day with him.  I've also been given a peace that I didn't have regarding my responsibilities at home.  God lifted that burden from me and I'm able to soak up every minute here and serve without feeling like things are going to fall apart at home.  That is such a blessing!