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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The First Time I Met Joseph

I just ran across this photo.  This is the moment I met Joseph.  He was playing football and I walked by.  I asked if I could join in (I'm not hard to miss in this picture, the only white, female out there).  Anway, we played with a ball made out of sacks and Josehp and I ended up conecting on some great plays.  That's where I met this sweet boy!  In fact, the one year anniversary is coming up any day now!

Random snaps!

Mango Jamba Juice and More Late Night Calls

Shawn just called the attorney and he still hasn't talked to his "associate"  So, he said call back in two hours.  Shawn is going to set his alarm and call.  Hope we get some news.

Today I was in Safeway and my  tummy started rumbling and I thought, "I'll get a Jamba Juice".  I looked up at the menu and saw "Mango a-go-go". The ingredients were mango, pineapple and passionfruit juice.  I was feeling a bit down so I splurged and ordered one.  I picked the Mango drink because the fruits remind me of my beloved Uganda.  The liquid slid up the straw and as it touched my tongue so many senses came to life.  I was there!  I was back in Uganda sipping passionfruit juice.  I was eating the sweetest pineapple from the side of the road.  Tears stung my eyes as my senses completely grabbed ahold of me and threatened to sink me.  I got it together quickly and went about my day.  But, just for a moment I felt like I was home. 

Heard At Our House

Last night while praying I couldn't help but chuckle when Benson said this:

Benson: "Dear Heavenly Father, We pray that the dumb people at the embassy without brains in their heads will start issuing visas.  We pray for all the people who are suffering in the world. We're grateful for etc, etc etc". 

Out of the mouth of babes! I couldn't be mad at him as he is frustrated too.  It must have worked because visa's are going to be issued again.  The problem now is our court hearing.  Still waiting to hear.  Shawn tried to call our attorney for about 4 hours this AM but couldn't get him. We'll call tonight and hopefully have an update.