Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Is Not The End, Only The Beginning

I just slept.  No, really, I just slept!  I slept a peaceful and deep sleep.  The weight that has been on my shoulders for the last year has been lifted and I was finally able to let me mind go and sleep.  I've had problems sleeping for so long and this deep, blissful sleep is a sign to me that I can now rest.  Joseph is safe and soon I will be tucknig him into his own bed at night.  There is no way for me to describe how difficult this last year has been.  No one could begin to comprehend unless they had been through it themselves.  I often compare this journey to Joseph like someone trying to dig a tunnel through  a mountain using a spoon.  It has completely consumed every single minute of everyday and caused great stress.  I can only breathe a great, big deep sigh of relief.  I have learned so much about myself and I have had my testimony strengthened in the process.  I believe that God worked this miracle through Joseph's faith more than anyone elses!  My son has been able to teach me so much about faith!  God did not let him down.  To top this glorious ending off, I got up the courage to call the center where Joseph's brother and sister have been adopted and they granted us a last minute meeting with them tomorrow.  Grandma hasn't seen them for years and we are going to bring her a well.  What a gift!  God knows that these 3 need each other!  I couldn't be more grateful.  I will update with photos as soon as I can.  In the meantime, thanks to all those who prayed and loved us through this.  The challenges we face when we get home are not over, yet somehow I am ready to face them knowing that our Journey to Joseph is over!