Friday, February 26, 2010

Miracle: He is in Control

This morning, just when I felt so much despair something big happened.  I literally was doing the dishes through my tears, feeling so scared, alone and unsure.  After reading the many blogs of families who are a few steps ahead I was feeling very low.  I believe that I mentioned in earlier posts that Dave Reichert’s office talked to an FBI agent in Seattle who because of his own sister doing an adoption in Uganda he agreed to see if we could get our fingerprints expedited.  Mind you, every family I know had to wait at least 3 months for the prints.  Well, Reichert’s assistant had told me that the FBI Seattle agent would help, but I have not heard a thing back.  When I called Reichert’s assistant yesterday, he seemed annoyed with me and said he hadn’t heard back from the FBI guy.  I couldn’t wait, not when Joseph is sitting on the other side of the world waiting for us.  I decided to do a search for the FBI phone number in West Virginia.  I found one, not knowing if it would work.  I dialed the number and guessed on which option to choose.  In two seconds “J” came on the line.  I explained to him the situation and that a guy from Seattle was supposed to call and talk to him.  “J” said, “Are you Suzy”?  Uhh, yes, that’s me…… “I’m the one that the Seattle agent talked to, and I’m working on getting your fingerprints expedited.  We don’t usually do this, but, my family member lived in Uganda from three months helping orphans and I can help you out”.  What, did  you just call me by name?  You know who I am without even telling you my name?  It just confirmed that HE knows who I am.  “J” was just put in place to do HIS work.  “J” said that the fingerprints  haven’t been processed, but that they will be soon.  He gave me his direct number and said that I can call anytime and advised me to do so on Monday.  After hanging up the phone, I melted into tears of thanks.   HE is in control.  I must remember that during the low moments.  I believe God wants Joseph to come home.  I would not be doing this otherwise.  This is one of the many miracles we are experiencing in bringing home our boy.


The waiting game has now begun.  Waiting for everything to trickle into CHI for our homestudy.  I have been a little discouraged as I read many blogs of families who are in Uganda now, and things are not going well.  For some, the end of the road is in site, for others only miracles will move the mountains.  Please pray for us that we will get our FBI fingerprints back quickly.  Right now, it is taking 13 weeks.  We can have everything else done in about a months.  We feel very strongly that we need to get Joseph home by this summer so that he can have time to adjust before school and so that the family can adjust.  Please pray specifically for those things.  Thanks!