Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yesterday was  long, not so fun day.  I'm not sure what it is, but the excitement I usually feel when I'm here is absent this time.  I'm separated from Joseph as he is in boarding school doing exams and it would be disrespectful to take him out.  I have stayed at the two nicest missionaries place for 2 nights, but I need to move on and let them be missionaries.  Red Chili, my famous standby have a hodgepodge or rooms available over the next few days, but each night I would have to move and one night they have nothing.  Some of the nights are in a dorm with strangers.  I want to go and do things everyday, especially serve in schools and orphanages, but the expense of hiring a driver everytime I go somewhere is killing me!  I got totally taken by a driver yesterday and he basically left me and Hilda after giving him money. I was beyond exhausted and tired and wanted to sit and cry.  I am so missing my family, already!  I have this big pit in my gut with worry about them and especially Peanut as she is "addicted" to me (in her own words).  I am so grateful for the help of friends and family, but it is so hard for me to ask and to inconvenience people.  Shawn has already missed 2 weeks of work as we were on vacation when we left.  He has to work when he gets home..................Yesterday I finally got a phone, but of course the battery needs to be changed and there is no charger.  We couldn't find one!  So, today, I will move from the Beachley's and try to have a driver take me to find a charger and battery before this one completely dies today.  I am then hoping to find somewhere to stay besides Red Chili.  I really want to connect with some friends (o.k. I haven't made them yet,) but there aren't too many adopting parents here.  I would be lost without my trusted friend Hilda.  Even with a driver taking me, she refuses to leave me and makes sure the driver gets me home before she has to take a stinky, crowded taxi back to her house.  Hilda is the reason we are here (God provided by using her).  On Friday of last week she had to go to Masaka, 2 hours away to plead for the report from the probation officer.  It had to be done.  On Friday AM I called her to check and see if she was on her way.  She told me that her grandfather had died, but because she had to go to Masaka to get our paperwork she was missing his funeral.  I was heart sick and so was she.  She said, "The lawyer needed it and I had to go".  That paperwork was given to the lawyer and turned in on Monday which resulted in the court date!  What a true friend!  So, I will sign off.  I don't know how much internet I will have, so, I will do my best to update.  Now is the waiting game.  Wait until the 23rd for the verbal ruling, then, the written which could take some time, then, waiting for a visa.  My dream was to have Joseph home for summer, it's looking hopeful that we will at least be home for part of summer and that is soooooo good!  I was talking to him about our religion and bit and let him know that he is welcome to stay Catholic, but as a family we will go to our church and do things together.  He was so cute.  "Yes Mother, I will go".  It's funny too, trying to tell him, this is where you live and have him say the name of the town, his school etc.  He has so much to soak in when he gets home!