Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Official!

Telling Joseph The Verdict...

Calling To Tell Dad!
Well, today was a great day!  The judge came and we received our ruling................Joseph waited in the waiting room and I went in alone.  I thought I was going to throw up and was shaking so hard.  I thought about how far we had come.  I thought about the times I lost hope and never thought this day would come, but mostly I thought about how God carried us through this difficult journey.  When the ruling finally came back positive I about fell off my chair.  I walked back into the waiting room where Joseph sat nervously waiting for me.  I think he knew by the smile on my face and we embraced and cried together.  The relief came so fast and quickly that it overwhelmed us.  I'm still not sure this is real!  We then celebrated by going to see a real movie at the very western theater.  Joseph and I had the theater to ourselves!  Shrek 4, his first movie!  So, as we celebrate this day, I can't help to think about all of the dear friends I've made along the way still waiting.  Don't give up, the reward is so worth it.  Now, off to call the embassy in the hopes for a quick appt.  Still waiting for our written ruling, but after that we pray for smooth sailing!