Thursday, July 1, 2010

Turning and Turning

It's funny, but life keeps turning and turning even when you want it to stop.  I want the world to stop.  I want it to stop and say, "Hey wait, Joseph isn't home yet" and completely stop revolving so that time could stand still.  This summer is going to be very hard.  I've already felt it.  Every adventure, sunset, taste of ice-cream, or funny thing that happens I see Joseph.  I visualize what he would think if he were here.  Would he like Yellowstone?  What would he think when he saw a geyser?  Old Faithful?  How would he react to our loud and crazy family staying together with his 15 cousins?  Would he like smore's or would he find them too sweet.  Pretty soon he will grow up and leave our home.  I just wish he were here building memories before that that day comes way to soon.  On an interesting note:  About a month ago I sent a package to my friend for Joseph.  Her Aunt was going to take it to Uganda and I was to arrange pickup of the package from her and to get it delivered safely to Joseph.  It contained an "album" of family photos, 2 books (from Benson), letters, vitamins, and Joseph's favorite thing in the world, Axe Body Spray.  I told Joseph that he package would be coming.  It was a miracle that he got it.  So many phone calls and drivers and helpers had to be arranged before a pick-up and delivery were successful.  So, on Sunday when we spoke with him he said he got the package but he said, "Mom, there was no perfume (Axe)".  I said, "What about vitamins"? To which he replied, "No medicine or perfume, just 2 novels and an album (the letters were inside).  So, some dork, yes I said dork took my boys vitamins (and Axe)"!  My only thought was, maybe they needed them worse than he did....................oh well, at least he got the rest!