Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Call and Much More

I never want to forget the miracles that took place to get me to Africa with a 2 hour notice.  My family and I were on vacation at my brothers house in Idaho Falls.  We were getting up early Monday AM to head to Yellowstone. Before the trip I believed it would be impossible to get a court hearing because courts were closing July 16.  But, big but, just in case I threw in my passport and a binder of documents.  Other  than that,I didn't have much of anything useful to me in Uganda.  I was sound asleep Monday Am and Shawn burst into the bedroom and said, "Get up, we got an e-mail from our lawyer in the middle of the night and she had to know 2 hours ago if you can be to Uganda by Wed. AM".  I totally freaked out! I hopped on the computer and started looking at flights.  Idaho Falls is not a booming metropolis so the airport is tiny.  I found one flight that would work, but it left in 2 hours.  Not only that, but it was 7,000 USD.  But, we called the lawyer and said yes.  How could we possibly say no?  So many people would die to be in our shoes and we had to make it work.  After that I did an internet search for adoption travel agencies and they were able to get my ticket price cut in half.  I am leaving out so many little miracles due to time, but know they were there!  Got to London with a 9 hour layover and then when headed to the plane ran into the captain on the tram and jokingly asked him to get me there on time as I had a court appt. at 9 and flight arrived at 7:45.  Imagine my surprise when I checked in and the captain had upgraded me to first class so I could rest and be closest to the exit row so I could get off the plane quickly!  The plane ended up landing late, at 8:45.  Yikes!  But, the man I sat next too on the plane told me to leave my bag on the carousel and he would pick it up and I could get it from him later.  That was quite interesting (getting the bag) as we had such a hard time finding him later, but I did get the bag and was soooooo grateful!  Another miracle!  Everywhere I went on the journey I met people who strengthened me.  I sat next to a church group and one of the girls gave me three beautiful versus written down so I could read them and give myself strength.  It worked!  So, when I got to the airport, Kiganda, my trusted friend and driver picked me up and we ran to the car.  He sped through town and we arrived just before 10.  I wasn't prepared properly to meet Joseph's grandmother for the first time, but there she was.  First, Joseph tackled me and broke my back hugging me so hard. We went into this small waiting room and waited for Justice O to call us in, and waited and waited.  Hours later she called us in.  She never spoke to Joseph or me. She never once smiled.  She told us to come back on 23rd at 10 am for the ruling for Legal Guardianship.  I am anxiously waiting to figure out what I'm doing.  When arriving I had no where to sleep and the Mormon Missionaries who I met a year ago invited me for the night.  I felt so happy to be with them.  It was like stepping into my own families home.  I had dinner with a bunch of couples and it was delicious.  I took an Ambien and made it sleeping until 3am.  I'm on their internet typing as fast as I can I as I actually have a connection.  Todays list, figuring out where to stay and buying some supplies.  Sad note, a friend who we worked with last year when here was killed in the bombing.  Things feel very safe to me, but am still being vigilent.  The church has sent people to evaluate if it's safe to keep missionaries here.  I def. feel it is.  Please continue to pray like mad.  If you know Shawn, please reach out to him when they get home on Sunday.  He is going to need helping hand.  Since he is self employed he has no vacation and we were doing a 2 week vacation when I left so he needs to work.  Thanks for your love and prayers!