Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gratitude List For the Day!

-Visa's are being issued!
-Beau got antibiotics for his strep throat! So grateful we have access to medicine
-We don't have a LG order with the wrong words
-We have amazing kids who have a heart for the poor and needy
-My kids are all healthy
-Shawn has a great job
-I'm alive!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's tough to maintain perspective on all the good/great things God is doing around us when we are locked in on what we see as the goal. I appreciate the reminder to look around occasionally to see Him alive and at work in the things and people around us, particularly our families. It's been a great week so far regarding Uganda adoptions - looking forward to more of what He has in store for our families!

Frazier said...

We are so excited to see you are adopting. Good luck on your journey. We pray things go well for you.