Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today I'm looking and choosing to find things good in all of this!  I received a nice call from my dad yesterday.  After telling him what was going on with this roller coaster he said something like, "Just remember you're fighting for  one of your kids now".  I thought, "He gets it"!  How affirming to know that your own dad believes in what you are doing.  He is so open minded and has been such a help through this.  He's a quiet guy, but every time I see him he'll say, "How's my grandson"?  Today I'm grateful for my dad.  Grateful that he is willing to hop on a plane at the last minute to help me bring Joseph one step closer to coming home.  Grateful that he "gets it".  Joseph is ours.  We are committed to him.  This is no different then if we were fighting for any of our other kids.  Love Ya Dad!  I know you don't read the blog, but just the same I hope you can feel my gratitude when we're together.