Friday, May 13, 2011

ODP Tourney

Joseph with Coach Anthony Sardon.
What an amazing experience!  Joseph had the opportunity to represent Washington State at both the regional tournament and National Tournament Olympic Development Tournament.  The 1995 boys ODP team took second in the nation.  Joseph scored the goal that helped advance the team to the Nationals, and then was lucky enough to score the winning PK that helped them play in the finals for the national title.  Sadly, they lost the final, but this is the most winning team in WA state history.  One of the beautiful things about Joseph is the way he leads.  We were so proud of him when he encouraged his to to pray before their games and always stood for the right by discouraging bad language.  It's a rough environment sometimes when you are traveling with a bunch of boys and coaches, most who don't have the same standards as you. His coaches were so good to him and are great friends who Joseph now loves and admires.  Joseph spent a lot of time listening to his church music.......................We are so proud of him!


Ash said...

Wow, he sounds so talented! Amazing! Wonderful that he sets a good example for his teammates with his language and prayer too! I'm sure you're really proud!