Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

Today was a special day.  We were able to go to Birra and let Joseph say good-bye to Mama Dorothy and the others he lived with.  We took lots of pictures so he will be able to remember everything.  It was so interesting to see him speaking his native language and conversing with the women who has helped care for him for the last 3 years of his life.  Most of what we have ever given him has been stolen so we were able to retrieve what was left of it.  Also, after we got back we were relaxing and Joseph suggested we go down to Sanyu Babies Home to help with the kids.  He was quite a pro and I was so proud of him wanting to go and give of his time to help the orphans there.  Tonight we get to borrow a friends computer and Skype again with the kids.  It was so fun for the kids and Joseph to "meet" for the first time.  Tomorrow is the big day.  Hoping the judge shows up and is kind to us:) Thanks for the prayers!