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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
I left this post untitled because I don't know what to title it.  Some of the options I played around with were, "Soggy in Seattle", "No News is Not Good News", "Down in the Dumps".  But, since I didn't think any of those would get my readers attention I left the title blank.  That's not so say that all of the titles would not suffice to describe my feelings today.  Maybe it has something to do with the constant rain that's been leaking from the sky for the past month, maybe it's the daily and nightly phone calls to Uganda hoping to get answers but rarely having anyone pick up the line.  I think today I'm letting go of the hope I had to get Joseph home by this summer.  There are so many reasons that I wanted this to happen and it's hard to let those dreams go.  I'm also deeply affected today by a yet another friends baby having their first birthday in an orphanage.  I think about Joseph who until we got his records did not even know how old he was or when his birthday was.  When he comes home I want to throw a party to make up for all of those lost birthdays.  I know that our situation is by far not the worst as far as difficulty goes, but today I just need to feel the sadness, let it soak in and then tomorrow I will be stronger.  Happy Birthday to all the babies and children out there who don't even know it's their birthday today.