Sunday, March 21, 2010

How Many Pages??

Two hundred and fifty, yes, that's right, 250!  That is how many papers we are sending to Uganda.   There are 90 documents totalling 250 papers!  It feels like we are sending a tree! We had the bank notarize everything (no easy task) and I had everything ready to go on Saturday with the exception of our homestudy.  I new it would be there with the mail and then the plan was to combine it with the other documents and Fedex the package of papers to Uganda that day.  But, it was not to be.  It's a good thing that I did a "proofread" on the homestudy.  The last page said Ethiopia instead of Uganda.  Can you imagine!  I almost sent the papers to Uganda and they weren't even correct. Not only that, but USCIS (immigration) is waiting for a copy of the homestudy and if they received it with a mistake like that it would delay our I600a!  I'm a little frustrated as I was very anxious to get the docs mailed on Saturday, now it will be at least Tuesday.  There's nothing I can do, so we are just pushing forward and trusting.  There are many things going on in Uganda that could lead us to believe that this may never happen.  We are choosing not to believe that, and are moving forward with faith that Joseph will be able to come home.