Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've had several friends ask for updates.  Things have been seriously so up in the air that I haven't had much to write.  I successfully got Joseph to the doctor twice in the last month thanks to the kindness of two adoptive moms I met through Facebook.  I sucked it up and asked them for their help.  Each of them took the time to help him at the appointment which was such a blessing.  Going to the doctor may sound like an easy task, but, if you could only imagine the effort and small miracles that have to happen to orchestrate an event like that you would be surprised.  I won't go into details, but let's just say that after several money wires and many late night phone calls the appointments finally happened.  Joseph found out at one of the appointments that his vision in his left eye is very poor.  He had no idea!  Now, when you talk to him he says, "My eye is not seeing better" which means, My vision is not good!  He is not excited about glasses, but I told him it will make him a better footballer and he was happy after that.  I also tried to explain contacts, but how do you do that to a boy who hasn't ever had indoor plumbing?  So, he'll just have to wait and find out!  Oh how we miss him.  We are pretty sure that we will not have a court case until at least August.  There are no judges around and courts close July 16th.  We are very disappointed that he will not be home before school starts.  I believe there could be a miracle, but I'm trying to be realistic so I don't get my heart broken.  We had to re-do 100 documents and get them all notarized again.  Total pages sent 200!  It was yet another expensive package.  Can't say much else.  Everyday Shawn and I long to return to Uganda.  He is anticipating taking over a group of men as soon as we are back to normal and Joseph has had time to adjust.  We are so incredibly thankful everyday that God put this boy in our lives.  We love him no differently than our other children and can't wait to show him what a family is like! Hopefully after 10 minutes in the car with the kids he won't want to hop on a plane back to Uganda:)