Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Things on the Horizon!

Well, my affidavit is somewhere over the Atlantic right now and will arrive in Uganda on Tuesday.  As it stands, the other affidavit's will be re-done on Monday.  At least two of them.  There are two others that need to be re-done and the attorney will have to arrange that.  Joseph's grandma, his caretaker and Joseph will have to go to Kampala at 11:30 on Monday to sign the new affidavit's.  Next week could bring good things.  I am alway cautious in my optimism considering the past disappointments, but I have to admit I feel like things are going to move in the right direction this week!  The sun is out and we went on a bike ride around the lake and that along with the sun has done wonders!


Anonymous said...

We are wishing and praying for you as the week begins - God can and will do amazing things.

Duane and Sarah
from the Northland